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Flexible Service
Our service is attentive and personal but never overbearing. Our clients appreciate our flexible approach in everything we do.
Version Control
Through our pro-active approach and our unique monitoring dashboard, we ensure that the code in escrow is always up to date.
Expert Security
Data security runs deep in our DNA. We maintain world class physical and digital security in every aspect of our service.
Competitive Fees
We believe in forming long term relationships. Our fees are always competitive providing substantial savings to our clients.
  • Source code escrow is the deposit of the source code of software with a third party escrow agent. Escrow is typically requested by a party licensing software (the licensee or beneficiary), to ensure maintenance of the software. The Licensor/Depositor will deposit with Escrow London the latest version of the source code. The software source code is released to the licensee if the licensor is no longer able to support and maintain the software. This is all defined and negotiated upon in the escrow agreement.
    Types of Escrow Agreements
    We offer a range of escrow agreements to suit every type of licensing contract including
    • Single beneficiary agreement – This agreement is made up of the depositor, beneficiary and Escrow London as the independent 3rd party.
    • Multiple beneficiary – This agreement is used by a developer to provide comfort to their clients that they have a standing software escrow agreement in place. Under a single agreement, the developer is able to add many beneficiaries as a simple appendix to the master agreement.
    • SaaS Escrow (Escrow Cloud) - This agreement is used when the application is a SaaS and hosted in a cloud environment. This agreement protects both the run time environment and the customer data.
    • Project Escrow - A Project Escrow service is used when a company is using a developer to create a bespoke web application or software. This agreement protects the customer from a dispute that may occur mid project by ensuring the code is deposited on a frequent basis during development.
  • Single beneficiary agreement – This agreement is made up of the depositor, beneficiary and Escrow London as the independent 3rd party. This type of agreement is usually used when a client is licensing software from a developer. The agreement clearly outlines the release events and a guideline for the process should a release occur. Escrow London has a flexible approach to the amendment of agreements and do not charge an additional fee for modifying the template of the single beneficiary escrow agreement.
  • Multi Beneficiary Agreement - This agreement is used by a developer to provide comfort to their clients that they have a standing software escrow agreement in place. Under a single agreement, the developer is able to add an unlimited number of beneficiaries to the master agreement. The addition of each beneficiary is executed through a simple appendix to the master agreement. Multi Beneficiary Agreements are often implemented by developers as part of their marketing strategy and good business practice.
  • SaaS Escrow was developed to protect licensees of cloud based applications. The SaaS escrow agreement provides a simple and cost effective way to ensure the source code and actual client data is protected in the event of a failure of your cloud service/ SaaS provider.
    Protecting Hosted Data 24/7
    When you transfer your critical customer to a cloud provider offering a SaaS service, you want to be sure that in the event of a major technical failure or they cease to trade you have access to your customer data. Simply relying on their backup is not good enough to provide full continuity. To ensure complete continuity, SaaS Escrow by Escrow London ensures the deposit of 2 vital components
    • An image of the runtime environment
    • Up to date backup of the hosted data
  • Project Escrow is used when a company is using a developer to create a bespoke web application or software. A simple arrangement is established between the customer and the developer to ensure the code is deposited with Escrow London on a regular basis (usually weekly or monthly) during a project. This provides protection for the customer that in the event of a dispute with the developer mid project, another developer will then have the code to continue the project and prevent serious delays.
  • Escrow London offers an array of verification services to mitigate potential risks with software escrow arrangements. Our mission is for our clients to be comfortable that in the event of a release condition, the source code deposit will be accessible and usable.
    Basic Verification
    - Included free of charge with all agreements Basic verification is a test of the deposit to ensure that the data can be accessed and it is free of viruses. The basic verification report includes the following checks:
    • Ensuring that data exists on the deposit media that resembles source code data
    • If the data is encrypted, a working encrypted key is included in the documentation
    • If the data is compressed it can be decompressed into a logical file structure
    • Ensuring documentation exists detailing the required components needed to compile the software
    File List and Inventory Verification
    A file list verification is a test to identify the inclusion of the documentation relating to the build, setup and design. The report which is compiled by a developer includes a review of all the deposited documentation. The developer will identify if the documentation appears complete and includes a full file listing, file compile and setup instructions as well as a listing of required languages, compilers, 3rd party software, operating systems and required hardware to recompile the software. Full verification is a complete and independent test to ensure that the software can be compiled into a working system An Escrow London software expert observes that the software can be compiled using the supplied source code. This verification test may be performed onsite at the developers’ location or remotely via a secure connection. The full verification report includes the following checks:
    • Ensuring the deposit is accurate and includes all the files and documentation required to compile and build the software into a working application
    • The report includes a complete list of 3rd party applications required to compile the software as well as confirmation of software language used to build the software
    • Confirmation of the database system used and its structure
    • If the data is encrypted, a working encrypted key is included in the documentation
    • Full file listing of the source code deposit
    Ensuring documentation exists detailing the required components needed to compile the software
  • Even if you have a contract in place with another provider we can assist you in seamlessly and efficiently moving over your existing agreements. Our customers are not only impressed by the substantial savings we have provided them compared to what they were paying with their previous escrow vendor but were also amazed by our world class level of security and service.
    How we can help:
    The process of transferring your agreements is simple and straightforward. You don’t even have to wait for your contract renewal with your existing provider.
    • We will build for you an escrow agreement that matches the same release conditions as your current provider.
    • At your discretion, we can facilitate updating the 2nd party to your intention of transferring the agreement to a new provider.
    • Once the new agreement is signed, we will arrange to receive a new deposit from the developer and set a time line for future deposits.
    How it works with fees:
    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to move over your agreements to us – even mid contract. So we will commit to the following:
    • We won’t charge you any setup, implementation or revision to agreement fees.
    • We won’t charge you any annual fees for the period you are still under contract with your incumbent provider.*
    Why move over to us?
    • Our fees are lower than your current provider
    • We have the same level of ISO and PCi accreditation as your current provider
    • We monitor the frequency of updates from the developer and if it is not in line with the planned schedule, you will know about it.
    • Everything is managed by us – after all it’s your data. We don’t outsource the storage and we maintain our own secure data centre.
    • Giving back to the community is part of our DNA. Through our relationship with CodeClub, we invest in the developers of the future. Every agreement with us sponsors a child to learn to code.
    *Upto a maximum period of 12 months
Flexible Service
Software escrow does not need to be complicated. That is why we keep our process as simple as possible.

We pride ourselves on our boutique approach, which recognises our customers need for a unique, bespoke solution to each escrow agreement, while simultaneously maintaining international corporate standards that are vital for ensuring the security of our clients’ code.

We provide uncompromising friendly service and allow flexibility at no additional charge when creating solutions for our clients.

Flexible Service


Pro-active Version Control
Software escrow provides protection and value as long as the deposited codes are up to date and safely stored.

We have developed a unique system to allow our clients’ to view the inventory of scanned escrow agreements and a listing of code deposited with us. The system automatically notifies the depositor when they are next due for an update.

Through our online console every client has an overview of all their agreements in escrow. A red/green indicator clearly marks if everything is up to date.

Once your IP and source codes have been deposited into an escrow, it is vital to ensure that it is protected 24/7 in the best possible way. To ensure complete protection, we maintain:

  • Private secure data centre facility
  • Biometric access control
  • Internal and external CCTV
  • 256 bit level encryption
  • SFTP transfer
  • ISO27001 certification


Competitive Fees

Competitive Fees
Software Escrow does not need to be expensive. All our fees are clearly outlined in the initial proposal providing a clear view of the expected cost.

We have a commitment of providing our clients with fair and competitive fees that provide substantial cost savings across the board.

We do not charge a setup or implementation fee as we don’t believe that you should have to pay us to become a customer.

We also provide a free transfer service for existing agreements with another vendor.

Read What Our Clients Say
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A large international banking client with headquarters in London requested that we implement a software escrow agreement.

I found the efficient and flexible approach of Escrow London of great value when navigating the agreement with my client.


eTranzact is a leading payment technology provider delivering mobile payment platforms across Africa. We were looking for a professional and cost effective software escrow service to give our customers additional protection. We found the team at Escrow London to be flexible and helpful in meeting our needs by implementing our agreement and addressing our concerns.

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Cocoba Chocolate

After a lengthy evaluation process we made the decision to transfer our agreements for our CRM and ERP system to Escrow London. Their fees were lower than our previous vendor and their service was remarkably friendly and helpful. Although I was nervous about transferring our agreements, the process was seamless and professional.

Escrow London adheres to the highest of international standards for quality and security. We maintain certifications over and above what is industry standard in the software escrow market.










Social Responsibility
We believe in giving back! So for every escrow agreement we manage, we sponsor a child in the UK to learn to code.

Code Club is a not­ for ­profit organisation that aims to give every child the opportunity to learn to code.

Code Club achieves this aim through their network of volunteer­ led after school clubs and teacher training sessions.


About Us

Escrow London is the software escrow division of DataSpace UK LTD. The company was established in 1999 just outside Manchester and has grown to become one of the UK’s largest information management companies.

The software escrow division was formed by a team of industry leading data protection experts and is rapidly growing as we service hundreds of companies across the UK, USA, Middle East, Africa and beyond. Our wide mix of customers include major banks, insurance firms, technology companies and software startups.

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