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Cloud Backup for Critical Data

Escrow London specializes in protecting critical data for companies around the world.

You can absolutely depend on Escrow London to protect and secure your critical data. Whether you run a small business or manage an enterprise data centre, Escrow London has a solid and secure cloud backup solution for your business.

The Escrow London cloud backup service is commonly used by companies that require a more secure and tailored solution. Although we support many different platforms, our customers typically select Escrow London to secure source codes, critical databases and sensitive files.

How it works?

You identify and select what critical data you would like to backup via the Escrow London client. You set the preferred schedule which can be daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly. That’s it! You are now ready to be backed up.

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Platforms Supported

The Escrow London cloud backup service supports:

  • Office 365 Office Exchange Mailbox
  • Windows System
  • Microsoft Exchange Server (database, brick level)
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL Database
  • Oracle Database
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V (standalone, cluster)
  • Windows System State

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac
  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • Unix

Is it secure?

All your data is encrypted on your servers before it is uploaded to the Escrow London data centre.

We maintain our own ISO27001 certified private data centre just outside Manchester.

The facility and data centre are equipped with the following:

  • Internal and external digital CCTV recording systems
  • Electronic fob and Passcode entry access to access points
  • Direct link to 24 hour external monitoring station
  • Palisade fencing encapsulating the site
  • Environmentally maintained facilities
  • Restricted Access
  • Site located in a low crime area
  • Site not located on a flood plain or underneath a flight path

Implementation Process

Escrow London Cloud Backup is a cross platform backup software that runs on you hardware.

  • Installation includes email or phone support from an Escrow London technician.
  • Choose and select the data you want to be backed up.
  • Select the frequency of your offsite data transfer.

The initial full backup

For the first full backup, an Escrow London technician will consult with you to determine exactly how much data that you need to backup. The initial full backup may need to run over a number of hours until all your data is uploaded to our servers.

The Escrow London Cloud Backup application is very light and runs seamlessly in the background not overloading your network bandwidth

Incremental Backups

According to your pre-defined schedule, incremental backups automatically begin; data is compressed and encrypted locally, and snapshots are stored on the Escrow London servers. You will receive a daily report confirming the status of every backup.

Exchange Brick Level Backup

The software has a very powerful option that enables administrators to drill down and backup individual mailboxes or public folders. The restore process allows the administrator to restore a full mailbox or single email to its original location. The system also maintains snapshots according to the retention policy.

SQL and Oracle Backup

The software allows full and differential backups of databases including SQL and Oracle.

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