Fair and Transparent Pricing Policy

We believe that software escrow is an essential component of any software license agreement.

We also believe that the cost of software escrow should be fair and transparent and this is why we created our Fair Pricing Policy.

How do we keep our prices so low without compromising on quality?

The simple answer is, economies of scale are no longer relevant – we believe in economies of nimbleness. The days of bloated corporations with large expense accounts, passing on those costs to their clients in their fees are numbered.

We immediately identified two common and unfair fees that are widespread in the software escrow market. The setup / implementation fee and the ‘non-standard contract’ fee. We have done away with both of these fees, and this is why:

Setup / implementation fee – Should you really be charged a fee for the privilege of becoming our customer?

Non-standard contract fee – Why should you pay our legal fees to negotiate on the terms of our agreement? No other industry would tolerate this and neither do we.

Escrow London is one of the only international software escrow vendors that does not charge a setup / implementation fee or any ‘non-standard’ contract fees.

As part of our fair pricing policy, we aim to keep our annual fees competitive within the market by offering savings of up to 50% of our competitors’ fees whilst still providing the level of service and security you would expect from a leading software escrow vendor.

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